Posted 2 years ago

Today STTB hit 50,000+ active users!

Thanks everyone! I hope you all are loving the extension!

Don’t forget to leave a rating! :)

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Sorry for the problems guys, I realize that it’s been missing for what is essentially forever in internet years, but it’s back now!

Posted 2 years ago

Missing from Chrome Web Store Temporarily

STTB is not in the Chrome Store at the moment, it will be returning shortly, please hold on :)

Posted 3 years ago

Version 6.1.1

A small number of users seem to have an issue where they get the donate window each time they open their browser. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

Sadly, I am unable to reproduce the bug that caused people to see the message each time, however I did change up the code in a manner more likely to prevent that from occurring. If you update to 6.1.1 and are still seeing the message asking for donations open in a new tab each time you start up your browser, please email me and let me know!

Chrome users: You will be auto-updated within a day or two, or next time you open the browser.

Safari users: If you didn’t turn on auto-updating extensions then you need to manually download it from HERE. Why haven’t you turned on auto-updating? :(

Again, I’m so sorry if this bug affected you! I do not want to annoy you about donating! I super appreciate every donation I get, but frankly I don’t get nearly enough donations to really profit, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I made this for my love of Tumblr and because I really wanted a scroll to top button on every page!  I view the donations as just a bonus and super thank you.

I use the hell out of this extension! It means a lot to me to make sure you all are happy! BTW, if you haven’t yet, try right-clicking on your button, going into the STTB options, and clicking the “Author’s Settings” button. That’s my personal set up, give it a try!

-Cody Sherman

Posted 3 years ago

Version 6.1 Release (New shortcuts)

This release is important to Google Chrome users because it changes the default shortcut keys!

The new shortcut is Alt + Arrow UP or Arrow DOWN. If you would like to revert back to the old shortcut of Alt + T or B, it is now an option on the settings page :) You can also turn off the shortcut completely. No matter which setting you choose, the Home/End keys will also jump to the top/bottom. To get to the settings page, just right click on your Scroll To Top Arrow.

This update also brings a bunch of speed improvements and bug fixes. I’ve updated the jQuery to the latest version, as well as the library used to rotate the images. Let me know if you are experiencing any weird issues!

This update was based upon people’s comments on the Web Store page, please feel free join the conversation if you have a question or feature idea! Or just be a friend and leave me a good rating/nice note :) I still read every comment!

BONUS: Scroll To Top Button just hit 30,000+ Chrome users! Thank you so much everyone, please keep telling your friends about it! :D

Posted 3 years ago

6.0.1 Update!

New jQuery for some bugfixes and a faster extension! Out for both the Chrome version and the Safari version!

Sorry for taking it’s been so long for the updates guys! It’s been a very busy end of the school year. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it soon, and I hope to have a Firefox version out sometime this summer, as well as announce some of my other projects I’ve been working on over at my personal blog,

As always, Chrome users will get the update automatically, just click the Wrench then go to Tools, then Extensions to see if you are up to date yet. Should happen within a day or next time you open the browser.

Safari users, Safari’s default is that you have to manually update extensions by opening Safari’s Preferences, then clicking the Extensions tab. If you want your version to auto-update itself, you just need to check a box in the settings, as seen here.

And while this was a minor update, yes, it is already on GitHub. Let me know if you guys have any troubles, email me at:

Posted 3 years ago

Data Tracking Questions

One of the most common questions I receive about the extension is regarding the security warnings that the Chrome Webstore has on the right side of STTB’s page. tl;dr: I don’t steal your data, that is just a standard warning that Chrome gives out.

It warns that the extension can (not does) access “your browsing history” and “data on all websites.”

In order to embed the arrow into the code of whatever webpage you visit, I have to use javascript to put it there. This called a Content Script in Chrome. Any extension that uses this feature instantly gains those two warnings. In theory, the script being inserted could be something evil that does track your history. Google doesn’t know what the script will do, and so they attach that warning no matter what.

I can assure you that Scroll To Top Button doesn’t do anything like that. The only data that I can actually see from STTB, are settings on the Options page using the standard Google Analytics. I collect which settings are picked in order to access which are the most popular/unneeded. I do not have any idea what websites you visit, what your password is, or that your most Googled search is for “kittens in costumes”. Your data is safe :)

If you don’t trust me, a stranger you’ve never met from the internet, then good news! This extension is 100% open source, so you can go ahead and look at exactly how this extension works on it’s GitHub page

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Ever wish Tumblr’s “jump-to-top-button” was on your Facebook, Twitter, and every other website you visit?
The Scroll To Top Button extension is now available for both Safari and Google Chrome!
Safari Download:
Chrome Download:

Ever wish Tumblr’s “jump-to-top-button” was on your Facebook, Twitter, and every other website you visit?

The Scroll To Top Button extension is now available for both Safari and Google Chrome!

Safari Download:

Chrome Download:

Posted 3 years ago

Version 6.0 Details

What’s up with version 6?

  • Safari version!
  • Minor clean-up
  • No new features in Chrome, but file size reduced from 1.8mb to ~260kb

The Safari version was very easy to port over, it is already almost feature complete. There are a few minor things missing, but I hope to add them soon!

A Firefox version is also in the works, but it is so different from Chrome and Safari that it will take a little longer.

Posted 3 years ago / Version 5.0.2

This blog now has the official URL of and the extension has been bumped up to version 5.0.2 to just swap all of the links within to the new URL.

(All old links will still work just fine though!)