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Posted 3 years ago

5.0.1 Update

A minor update, I have upgraded the jQuery it uses to version 1.5.1, for some small performance/speed gains for the extension.

Everyone will automatically get the updated extension the next time they open Chrome, or within a day or two.


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Have you rated the extension yet? Please help me by rating it out of 5 stars!

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Scroll To Top Button is new and improved!

  • You can now right-click on any page or on the button and quickly get to the options page! (Don’t like it? Turn it off in the Options Page!)
  • The Scroll To Top Button is now much more memory efficient. It loads faster, and won’t bother you at all on pages that aren’t scrollable! HUGE coding changes!
  • Are you interested in looking at the source code? It now is much easier to understand, and even has comments to help you figure out what is going on!

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I got featured on Tekzilla’s Daily Tip! :D

Posted 3 years ago

I’m working on version 5. It will not bring any exciting new features, but the extension will be faster and more efficient.

The code is also a thousand times cleaner, and so if anyone wants to check out the source, it’s actually organized now, and each part is labeled to help explain what it is doing. Open source for the win!

I have some people testing beta builds of it. Hopefully it will be out soon! If you want to help test it, email me:

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Chrome-Dev Arrow Missing Bug

Note: For most of you, running just normal Google Chrome, ignore this post.

For those of you on the Dev Channel of Chrome, you may have noticed that the arrow isn’t loading since the last update of Chrome. I am well aware of the issue and the bug lies within Chrome’s code and not of my extension. I can’t do much about it, however I have filed a report to the Chromium team, and it looks like it will be all fixed by the next version of chrome-dev, which will probably be out next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Version 4.7

Overall, minor speed gains and a smaller file size.

  • Updated jQuery to 1.5
  • Minor Options page tweaks.
  • Removed workaround for Chrome bug 67004
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  • Fixes the arrow showing up on sites where it shouldn’t when using the 
    "Flip" button mode.
  • Fixes both “Flip” and “Dual” arrows showing up on Google Spreadsheets when they shouldn’t. 
Posted 3 years ago

Version 4.6!

  • You can now choose the scrolling down speed independently from your scrolling up speed! Set it to a slow speed, then hit the button and let the browser scroll for you as you read!
  • Changed the shortcut keys to Alt+T and Alt+B (This lets you use just your left hand)
  • Bug fix regarding disabling on Google Docs.
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10,000! Thanks everyone!

10,000! Thanks everyone!