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Posted 3 years ago

Version 6.1.1

A small number of users seem to have an issue where they get the donate window each time they open their browser. THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

Sadly, I am unable to reproduce the bug that caused people to see the message each time, however I did change up the code in a manner more likely to prevent that from occurring. If you update to 6.1.1 and are still seeing the message asking for donations open in a new tab each time you start up your browser, please email me and let me know!

Chrome users: You will be auto-updated within a day or two, or next time you open the browser.

Safari users: If you didn’t turn on auto-updating extensions then you need to manually download it from HERE. Why haven’t you turned on auto-updating? :(

Again, I’m so sorry if this bug affected you! I do not want to annoy you about donating! I super appreciate every donation I get, but frankly I don’t get nearly enough donations to really profit, and I’m perfectly fine with that. I made this for my love of Tumblr and because I really wanted a scroll to top button on every page!  I view the donations as just a bonus and super thank you.

I use the hell out of this extension! It means a lot to me to make sure you all are happy! BTW, if you haven’t yet, try right-clicking on your button, going into the STTB options, and clicking the “Author’s Settings” button. That’s my personal set up, give it a try!

-Cody Sherman

Posted 3 years ago / Version 5.0.2

This blog now has the official URL of and the extension has been bumped up to version 5.0.2 to just swap all of the links within to the new URL.

(All old links will still work just fine though!)

Posted 3 years ago


  • Fixes the arrow showing up on sites where it shouldn’t when using the 
    "Flip" button mode.
  • Fixes both “Flip” and “Dual” arrows showing up on Google Spreadsheets when they shouldn’t. 
Posted 3 years ago

Version 4.5 Released

Sorry people nothing exciting yet, the localized version is coming along, but it’s not ready yet!

This version does some minor clean-up and preparations for the next bigger update, as well as introduces a donate button to the options page. A kid’s gotta eat y’know. ;-)

Also, and this is kinda sadface but hopefully not too big of one: you will be shown an option to donate after opening Chrome for the 20th time after the last update. It is a one time bother, but I’m just letting you guys know about it upfront. Hopefully you at least read it, but if you choose to just shoo it away, nothing will change. I do not plan on selling any version of STTB, so I’m hoping that I will at least get a lil out of donations from the people who use/love STTB the most :)

tl;dr There will be no “pro” version or anything like that, you get everything for free!!! But you will be shown a message asking for a donation just once, sorry. Next version is in the works already though!

Posted 3 years ago

Version 4.4.4

Visual tweaks, very minor bugfixes/enhancements, and prep for upcoming versions :)

Posted 3 years ago

A new demo video!

Music is Truck by The Octopus Project

Posted 3 years ago

Version 4.4 out!

This version adds a new button, “Author’s Settings.” It allows you to try out my personal and recommended set-up for the button, however clicking Restore Defaults will take you right back to Tumblr’s setup if you prefer it! :)

I also fixed some minor bugs and UI problems! Yay! Awesome!

Posted 3 years ago

Version 4.3.2 & 4.3.3

Fixes the Home and End keys working normally inside of Text Fields.

Posted 3 years ago

Version 4.3.1

Quick fixes/additions:

  • Now the “Home” and “End” keys on your keyboard use STTB’s settings to jump to the top and bottom of the page.
  • Bug fixes regarding getting STTB to remove itself from pages that cannot be scrolled.


Posted 3 years ago

4.3 Released

Hey guys, new version of Scroll to Top Button out, with some nice improvements!

  • Decrease the load time for the button to appear, so that it shows up faster while the actual page is still loading! (See below for more details)
  • When you print off a website/receipt/whatever in Chrome, the button will automagically be gone from the print! Very clever…
  • Fixed a bug that allowed animations to build up, so if you ran your mouse over the button and took it off and put it back on repeatedly, the button would just keep blinking for however many times you did that.

I am working to get the button to load as quickly as possible so that you can jump to the top/bottom of the page as it loads. There are some limitations because since my button is not in the actual toolbar at the top of Chrome, what I have to do is essentially add my button into the code of every website. I actually did find a way to have the button load instantly before the page even loads, but that was too fast because the code couldn’t get added into the website’s code if the website did not exist yet.

Anyways, I’ll keep striving to get it to load as fast as possible. What I did this time, is that it used to load the website, then check to see if the website needs it and loads the button. Now it loads as the website loads, then checks if it should remove itself once the website finishes loading.

A prime example is, that page is only as big as your window, you can’t scroll. So if you visit Google, you might see the button for a second, but it will then disappear. BUT, when you start typing in Google, suddenly the page changes and you do need the button! Well, the second you scroll down, the button realizes it made a mistake and re-adds itself :)

(Source: scrolltotopbutton)